Sunday, October 17, 2010

Release On ' POGO '

Krish,Trish & Baltiboy

Directer:Munjal Shroff/Virendrasing Rothore
Year of Production : 2009
Duration : 60 Minutes / Hindi

Synopsis :

Krish a monkey, Trish a cat and Baltiboy a donkey are 3 minstrels who take you on an exotic journey to the land of Indian Folk tales and folk music. These endearing characters take you to three different region of India - Rajasthan, Kerala and Punjab.

From the deserts of Rajasthan comes the very emotional folk story of how the gluttony of a queen would have torn apart a deer family but for the intervention of a wise king who realizes his folly through the emotional experience of the deer-hunter.

Travel to the back waters of Kerala and meet the Rich landlord and how he discovers the secret of happiness by finding a cure for his greed.

And finally from the wheat fields of Punjab meet the brave farmer’s wife and the not so brave farmer. See how this smart woman deals with a man-eating tiger and outwits him by her sharp thinking and presence of mind.

Discover folk wisdom presented in an artistic manner through magnificent folk art and watch how this magnificent art comes alive through the medium of animation.

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